Independent Study Appraisal Materials - 2 BOOKS

You have the ability to get started learning the field of appraisal, right now!  We have 2 books that will show you what an appraisal is, how it works and we will even include a step by step guide to  filling out the most popular appraisal form, titled the U.R.A.R, (1996 URAR FORM)  included in the materials..  There are no mandatory exams, just quiz  at the end of each chapter WITH ANSWERS ATTACHED. This 'on your own' materials presentation  does NOT take the place of the traditional 90 Hour New York State Approved program, nor any individual course. It does give you an understanding of the role of an appraiser and what topics and subjects an appraiser must learn in order to enter this field. We honestly  recommend the complete 90 hour complete classroom program, if you have decided upon this as a career. Remember this is NOT approved for Continuing Education or any real estate or appraisal education. You are buying materials which you will use in a home/independent study environment.  It is NOT approved to become an appraiser. It is simply a way to see if the field of appraisal is right for you before you invest time and money to attend the 90 hour program. If you take this program and then enroll in the 90 hour program, we deduct $75.00 off your $895.00 fee.

This is NOT to be used toward Licensing requirements. Again, NOT to be used for Licensing requirements. It is designed to give the potential student a  understanding of field of appraisal and what an appraiser actually does on a daily basis.

If you wish this course shipped to you, priority mail, please print this page, fill out the request form and enclose a check for $ 100.00. (Includes  shipping charges of $ 25 for shipping/packaging/handling)  All checks are to be made payable to:

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I understand this is not an approved course. It is an strictly independent study with 2 manuals to guide you through the appraisal process and the actual terms, definitions and formulas to be used in a single family home. These are essential to becoming an appraiser. WE DON'T RECOMMEND THESE BOOK UNLESS YOU CAN DEVOTE 10-15 HOURS TO THEIR READING!



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Good Luck and Much Success in the field of Appraisal Training

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